Get The Tastiest And Healthiest Emergency Foods With Legacy Food Storage Company


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Getting a family prepared for emergencies has never been easier and more delicious than it is with Legacy Food Storage Company. The company offers budget-friendly food storage for every individual so that they can be able to provide their families with quality and healthy foods, whether on an emergency situation or on a busy Tuesday night. The company’s food storage is not only affordable but also light weight and compact for smooth transport and storage, making the food extremely tasty with real nutritious ingredients. Legacy leads the industry in making food storage that meets and exceeds consumer’s needs.

Legacy Food Storage Company can be trusted for convenient food storage

When one buys with this company, he/she does not have to build a shade to house food storage. This is because all the food storage comes packed in compact, stable buckets and most purchases can fit easily in a small space.

Since the company is an expert when it comes to food storage, all the foods offer a shelf-life of 25 years and are stored under the safe conditions. This means that a consumer will get emergency foods that meet his needs when it comes to taste, health, and convenience.

One should not sacrifice nutrition and taste on food storage search

When it comes to food storage, it can be difficult to find a balance between healthy and delicious foods. And since emergency meals are meant to last longer, the at times they contain a lot of preservatives and filler ingredients that can be harmful when consumed by human beings. As a result of this, health conscious consumers find it hard finding food Storage Company that offers palatable yet nutritious foods. As a result of this, this company has dedicated years to the quest for food storage that lasts 25 years, that nourishes the body, and still tastes fantastic.

Legacy is proud to offer wide variety of emergency foods:

Classic dinnertime meals-these are foods like pasta, chicken a la king, loaded baked potato, stroganoff, tender freeze dried chicken, and more

Hearty breakfast favorites-these may include pancakes, multi-grain cereal, strawberry creamy wheat and much more.

Savory soups mixes-they include spicy corn chowder, cheesy potato, and variety of consumer’s favorites.

Snacks-these may include banana chips, mango dices, and more

Side dishes-these may include nutritious re-fried beans and parboiled rice

One can also get the creamiest and the most nutritious shakes available in the market.

With these foods, a family will be safe during emergency times and will enjoy meal time no matter what.

Nourishing the body with healthy and pure ingredients

During emergency situations, every family needs to have foods that will build up their bodies rather than ruining themselves. This is precisely why this company is so passionate about delivering food storage that leads the industry when it comes to taste and nutrition value. Below is the company’s impressive report card about the foods:

· GMO free

· Cholesterol free

· The foods have no trans-fat

· The food has low sodium

· No MSG

· They are high in fiber

· The foods have wide variety of gluten-free and vegetarian option

Keeping a budget intact

Getting a family prepared for emergencies do not have to an expensive task. This company strives to ensure consumers get the most affordable foods without compromising on quality. They offer the lowest cost per calories when compared with other similar storage companies.

When one is looking for food storage, it is always good to choose foods that will be practical when it comes to emergency, contains real ingredients, and the one that satisfies even the pickiest of eaters. Legacy food storage Company offers the most excellent food storage experience!!

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The Concept Of Dried Food Recipe


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2880-package-banner-rgb-01.08The idea of drying food or dehydrating has been proven to be one of the best methods of food preservation as compared to canning methods. Drying allows the foods to be easily included in other meal plans and is mostly effective when one is planning a trip away from home like hiking or camping. There are more than enough dried food recipes for one to try out. In most cases, many people will opt to use a dehydrator for this process, but one can also use an oven or even air dry the food.

Drying food is a process that can be applied to all sorts of food stuff. One can dry meat or beef, vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices and even snacks among other bread products. As mentioned earlier, these dried food recipes mostly apply in outdoor activities and engagements like camping. In a number of cases, the camping or hiking trip may end without one ever consuming the entire dried food that was packed for the trip. In this case, after the return home, it is a great idea to turn the dried food into soup. Consumption of the dried food is better planned for the year. Dried food recipe can be stored and applied for almost two years. However, rotating the supply within one year is a good strategy when it comes to retaining the flavors of the food. Meat, fish and any other food product that contains oil is better consumed within six months. We want to motivate you to research additional help by going to this link.

Dried food recipe has seen the creation of a lot of what could be termed as customized recipes from the different people who engage in the practice. The idea is that these people get to create different but excellent dishes from the several food stuffs that they dry up. When making a dish out of the dried foods, there are a few tips that can be followed to end up with a killer dish.

The use of bark will help with thickening of the soup and realizing of the seasonings in the bark. These include beans, corn potatoes and tomatoes. One will then need to add the required fresh ingredients into the soup. To round up the soup, the fresh ingredients like meat or beef, chicken, vegetable broth or diced tomatoes. At this point, one may need to run a share of the food in a blender and stir back in the food to further thicken the soup as desired. For an excellent soup, it is a great idea for one to use as much as twice the amount of water for every measurement of dried food recipe ingredients.

The dried foods should also be soaked in warm water for at least fifteen minutes. These are then boiled then let to simmer in low heat for another half to one hour depending on the ingredients. One can the add salt, pepper and other spices to the desired taste. Dried food recipe is a good way of storing food for longer time at a reduced cost. Other food storage methods have been known to subject the foods to loss of flavor after sometime. This is also a way of utilizing the leftover foods in the home pantry in a creative way.

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Four Things You Should Keep In Mind When Buying Imported Dried Food


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When you are considering buying imported dry food for home uses, to sell, or store for future emergencies, keep the following five things in mind, to increase your chances of finding the best products in the market:

Country of Origin

The first attribute that you must look at when you are considering buying imported dried food is its country of origin. What is the track record of the country and the company where the product you are contemplating buying originates? If you want to get the best, do not be blinded by the cheap prices charged for many imported products that are making rounds in the marked. Instead, take your time and read more about the company. Does the company have a license to sell in your locality? Where does the company grow its food? Which method or techniques does the company use, while drying its foods? Check the company’s site to know what you are buying. You should also call the company and ask questions, before going for your wallet. If you do not get satisfactory answers or the company deliberately refuses to answer your questions, chances are that you are not getting the best.

Nutritional Value

What is the nutritional value of the imported dried food you are contemplating buying? Just because you are looking for dried food to see you through an emergency or use when you go camping does not mean that you sacrifice quality. The food you buy should have all essential nutrients and minerals necessary for growth and development. For instance, to satisfy hunger cues, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States of America (USA) recommends that an adult should eat at least 2000 calories per day with every meal. Check packaging of the dried food you are planning to buy and find out whether it meets this threshold or not. Dried food should also be easy to prepare, palatable, and most importantly, safe for human consumption. Read reviews of past customers to ascertain these facts.

Shelf Life

When you are stocking emergency dried food at home or restocking your shop with imported dried foods, the products you buy should have the longest shelf life possible. After you have checked the country of origin and the nutritional value of the fried food you are planning to buy, check the date of production and the expiry date of the brand you want to buy to know its shelf life. Simply subtract the production date from the expiry date to know the shelf life of the product you are buying. You should then subtract the date of purchase from the expiry date of the product to know the weeks, months, and or years left, before the package becomes unfit for human consumption. As a rule of the thumb, dried food should last between seven years and 25 years depending on the type of food(vegetables versus fruits and cooked versus raw food, etc.).


How does the company you are planning to buy from package its product? Does it use cans or plastic pouches to package its products? While both materials are air and water-resistant, people who want to maximize the shelf life of dried foods should consider buying cans and not pouches for the following reasons: first, unlike pouches, cans are puncture resistant. They are also rodent and insect resistant, crush proof, and stackable. Finally, cans with lids are very easy to reassemble once opened.

Unravelling Freeze Dried Foods


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penang-street-foodWere you shocked the last time you visited the grocery store? Did you literally have to go through the entire shelf just to make a decision on what product to choose? Were you at best frustrated to have to sacrifice your most favorite and nutritious brand? These are some of the problems you are likely to encounter with the recent fluctuations in food prices. One of the smartest ways to cushion yourself against such frustration and loss of nutrition is to go for freeze dried foods.

What are they?
Freeze dried foods are simply foods that you prepare, flash-freeze and de-hydrate. The beautiful thing about them is that they will taste as great as fresh food once re-hydrated.

Some more advantages:

They can stay on the shelf for even 25 years
All you need is some water and they are ready for consumption
Ideal for camping, as they weigh very little, reducing your baggage

Let us delve into some freeze dried foods:

1. Entrees
It is possible to get a main course meal made up of these dried foods. They range from dried rice and chicken, spaghetti and meat sauce, vegetable stew with beef and macaroni and cheese, among many more. They are also affordable. They range from between $130 and $180. Considering that you can store them even for 25 years, it is a worth purchase. Just purchase the entrees and just pack a few as you go for camping or fishing. It could also save you from starvation in case of natural calamities like storms and earthquakes.

2. Breakfast
For breakfast, you can have bacon and scrambled eggs, egg mix and butter flavor, and granola and blueberries, among others. The price ranges between $200 and $250. It’s good to note that each package contains a number of servings. For instance the scrambled eggs and bacon package contains 126 half ( 1/2) cup servings.

3. Veggies
If you are vegan, you need not worry as there are packages for you like garden green peas, and green beans. The price ranges between $120 and $140. Most stores dealing with freeze dried foods prepare the foods themselves. You are therefore assured of hygiene and care in preparation. In case of any problems, you know whom to hold accountable.

4. Fruits
As aforementioned, these foods ensure that you don’t miss out on any parts of your nutrition. There are fruit packages like slices strawberries, and pineapple dices. They range between $30 and $200 depending on the number of servings.

5. Desserts
Even a catastrophe cannot keep you from enjoying your dessert. You can access pilot bread crackers and raspberry crumble for between $120 and $180.

You may be wondering how all this saves your money. The secret is buying each item at a time. You could begin with the entree and work your way through the rest, for example. Better still, if you do not like the foods available, you can request the store to prepare some specially for you.

Another smart way of making the most out of your purchase is via taking advantage of discounts available. Most stores will put up displays on their websites. If you live in another state, buying in bulk will also save you a lot of money. The store is even more likely to ship the foods for free.